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HMCR is the major marine research centre of Greece, consisting of 5 institutes focusing on aspects of oceanography, fisheries, aquaculture, marine biology - genetics and inland waters. HCMR was established in 2003 by the merger of the National Centre for Marine Research (NCMR) and the Institute of Marine Biology of Crete (IMBC). The Centre has been involved in all EU framework programmes in numerous projects as coordinator or partner (e.g. FAIR, AIR, MAST, Environment, QoL, FP6, Interreg etc.) and has regular exchange of personnel and students with well-known research institutes in Europe. The staff of the Institute of Marine Biological Resources (IMBR) involved in this project has a long experience on fish biology, ecology, assessment and modelling gained through various EU projects (EFIMAS, MEDITS, FISBOAT, CoralFISH, CAFÉ, AFRAME, JAKFISH, MADE, MARIFISH, SESAME), as well as through participation in international working groups (e.g. ICES, GFCM, STECF, ICCAT etc.).

Contribution to the project: HCMR will be involved in all tasks of WP1 – WP3 and will coordinate the Mediterranean and Black Sea Regional study. The contributions will focus on questions related to the eastern Mediterranean fisheries in the Aegean Sea. Additionally, HCMR will contribute to WP4 and WP5 that aim to the synthesis and dissemination of the results respectively.

Description of PI’s involved in the project:

  • Dr George Tserpes holds a position of Research Director and in the last 15 years has participated in and coordinated several national and European projects in the field of fisheries biology and stock assessment. He has a wide experience on aspects related to the management of marine fisheries through its participation in STECF (regular member from 1998 to 2002), GFCM and ICCAT meetings. Since 2002 he has been coordinating the Mediterranean Swordfish working group of ICCAT.
  • Dr Christos Maravelias is a senior researcher, Ph.D. in Fisheries Biology (University of Aberdeen and FRS Marine Laboratory, Scotland, UK). His work focuses on fish population dynamics, fisheries modelling, stock assessment and fleet dynamics. He has been the Fisheries Expert of the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission Directorate General for Research (DG RTD) for the period 2008-2009, managing the entire project cycle of projects in the field of fisheries science as well as contributing to the technical orientation and to the development of relevant EU programmes and policies. He has published more than 40 peer-reviewed papers and participated in numerous EU-funded and national projects, acting as work package coordinator in several of them.
  • Stefanos Kavadas is a special functional scientist with 17 years experience oín design, analysis and development of fisheries databases and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). He designed and developed a web-based integrated database-GIS management system to support the sustainability of Greek Fisheries resources. He has undertaken programs funded from the EU and the Greek State.

flagsThe research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7 /2007-2013) under grant agreement no 289257. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the European Union cannot be held responsible for any use which maybe made of the information contained therein.