International workshop on definitions of MSY variants

MYFISH decomposes MSY into three aspects: What to maximize (MSY variants), what to sustain (constraints to sustainability) and how to manage fisheries aiming for MSY (management measures). At the very beginning of the project, MYFISH held a workshop which defined general and regionally relevant MSY variants and constraints in cooperation with stakeholders, considering in the process several variants in combined groups of scientists, NGOs, managers and industry representativesin addition to the original variants of MSY (Maximise the yield in weight per recruit) and MEY (Maximise the economic yield per recruit). The objective of the workshop was to determine which variants are acceptable and feasible in practical management in each of five European regions: the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean, the North Sea, the Western Waters and Widely Ranging Stocks.

Inclusive governance ranked highly in all regions and MYFISH will produce test cases for how the inclusive governance process can be conducted in practice. All regions rated ‘GES descriptors of commercial species above reference level’ in the top ten ranked constraints, indicating that ensuring precautionarity is an important aspect in all areas. Management measures rankings were considerably more variable resulting in few obvious high ranking measures.

The project then progressed to develop and adapt the models required to estimate the likely outcomes of aiming for the preferred MSY variants in terms of yield and constraints to yield. To read more about the Myfish models click here.

To read the deliverable reports please follow the links to D1.1, D2.1, D2.2


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