The results of the Myfish studies are the basis of Decision Support Tables (DSTs), graphical tables that reflect the effects and trade-offs of implementing different Maximum Sustainable Yield options on ecosystem, economic and social constraints and with particular focus on the risk of exceeding acceptable levels for these constraints.

The Decision Support Tables have been designed to convey complex, alternative management scenarios in a simple and understandable way to support fisheries managers in their decision making. 

The Myfish DSTs allow investigation of management measures and show the potential consequences of their implementation on economic, ecological and social aspects in the region of interest. They are intended to inform a framework for implementation of MSY variants and support the development of Long Term Management Plans.

The DSTs integrate a number of graphical devices: 

  • Icon arrays;
  • Icons resemble the actual species concerned;
  • Different types of icons are used to represent different quantities, fish stock or profit;
  • Colours indicate regions of particular concern.

How to read a DST:

The number of fish icons refers to the mass of a particular fish species. The number of Euro signs refers to profit, the colour red indicates a problem, and fading means uncertainty.

Please click on the links below to find more information about the DSTs and to view the DSTs related to the various Myfish case studies. 


WPs work together to produce DSTs


Models:  Myfish has used a variety of modelling approaches to produce numerical values for the DSTs. For information on model evaluations, robustness and comparisons, click here.

Case Studies:

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