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Session 1: Introductory session

Keynotes: Pamela Mace (New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries) and Poul Degnbol (Aalborg University, Denmark)

PRESENTATIONS: Pamela Mace, Poul Degnbol


Session 2: Science and management in a societal setting

Conveners: Barrie Deas (NFFO), Anna Rindorf (DTU-Aqua) and Robert Stevenson (DFO) 

PRESENTATIONS: Jennifer Bailey

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Session 3: Identifying trade-offs and conflicting objectives

Conveners: Rudi Voss (CAU) and Phil Levin (NOAA)

Keynote: Sean Pasco (CSIRO)

PRESENTATIONS: Sean Pascoe, Anna Rindorf, Sarah Gaichas, George Tserpes, Paz Sampedro, Morten Vinther, Alexander Kempf, Stephanie Mahevas

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Session 4: Incorporating knowledge on trade-offs and conflicting objectives into decision making

Convener: Cathy Dichmont (CSIRO) and Niels Hintzen (IMARES)

Keynote: André Punt (University of Washington)

PRESENTATIONS: Andre Punt, Anna Rindorf, Polina Levontin, John Mumford, Katell HamonPaul Dolder, Clara Ulrich

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Session 5: Targets and limits in a variable world

Convener: Jim Thorson (NOAA) and Olivier Thebaud (Ifremer)

Keynote: Coilin Minto (GMIT)

PRESENTATIONS: Coilin Minto, Lotte Worsøe Clausen, Noel Cadigan, Kenneth PattersonLuis A Cubillos, Manuel Hidalgo, Francois Bastardie, Stuart Reeves, James T Thorson, Raul Prellezo

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Session 6: Practical implementation of targets and limits: institutional frameworks which deliver

Convener: Petter Holm (UiT) and Ernesto Penas-Lado (EC)

Keynote: Anthony Charles (Saint Mary's University Halifax)

PRESENTATIONS: Anthony CharlesTess Geers, Simon Dedman, Adrian Linnane, Ignacio PayaMarkus Knigge, Liane Veitch

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