KARBAK owns a demersal trawler fishing in the North Sea. The vessel 28.3 meters, width 8.2 meters, with a size of 397 Gross tonnage (and 1,000 horse power). KARBAK represents the Danish demersal trawl fishery sector of the North Sea in the MYFISH project.

Contribution to the project: KARBAK ApS will participate as full partners in WPs 1, 2 and 3 to provide stakeholder expertise relevant to the North Sea demersal trawl fishery. Through workshops and interviews they will contribute to ensure a bottom up strategy of the developments of the MSY variants and acceptable constraints. In addition to this, the trawler will conduct a pilot experimental fishery in the North Sea under task 3.2.

Description of PIs involved in the project:

  • Mr. Jan Hansen, is managing director of KARBAK ApS. He has worked directly as a fisher in the Danish demersal trawl fishery and is the president of the local Fishernmens Organisation ‘Hanstholm Fiskeriforening’. He has thus been in the sector for many years, having personal experiences of the past effects of structural changes in fisheries management at EU- and domestic levels.

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